Our History

The beginning of a library for the Shattuck community started with the Shattuck Sorosis club. This group of women first contacted the Oklahoma Department of Libraries in June 1963. Concerned and dedicated community volunteer by contributing books, labor, lumber, and other materials in order to see the dream of a library fulfilled. The first name was the Shattuck Sorosis Library. In July 1964, Mrs. W.C. Hopson made the request to the Oklahoma Department of Libraries to change the name to Shattuck Library.

In 1965 the Stuart family deeded the former Shattuck National Bank building to the City of Shattuck for use as a library. After the building was cleaned out, shelves installed, books moved and other necessary changes made, the building became the Shattuck Public Library in 1976. On March 15, 1976, the library became eligible for state funding.

We're changing and growing with our Community

Significant changes and improvements continued over the years. Notably, a giant mural painted by three local women, Jean Manske, Noma Sprague and Ruth Ann Evans was unveiled in 1981. The mural depicts the history of Shattuck and includes several people who contributed to the development of the community.

The Library as had continued major renovations to the interior of the building beginning in 2006 with the completion of that in 2007. The library also expanded to the building next door with the completion of that opening in the Spring of 2018.


The Friends of the Shattuck Library was incorporated June 23, 2006

The Friends host different events throughout the year.

One of the first undertakings of the Friends group was compiling a cookbook. It is titled Celebrate Oklahoma's Centennial 1907-2007 100 Years of Cooking. That was the first fund raiser and from there, the friends have been very active in many ways. Thank you so much, Friends!

Our Community

Shattuck was incorporated in 1906, the year before statehood.

This town site was established in 1887 and named Shattuck after George O. Shattuck, a director of the Santa Fe Railroad. A post office was established on November 17, 1893. The first citizen of the Shattuck area was George Bush, who moved here with his family in 1887 to work as a pumper on the newly completed Santa Fe Railroad.

—Taken from "A Pioneer History of Shattuck"

Visit Shattuck – What's Going on Around the Community

  • Windmill park
  • Murals of Shattuck history in the library
  • Active chamber of commerce and Main Street organization
  • Newman Memorial Hospital
  • Several restaurants
  • A few bed and breakfasts
  • Vincent Lake
  • Walking trail
  • Golf course
  • El-Co drive-in theater

Oklahoma Library Laws, Rules and Regulations

Laws and Regulations Affecting Oklahoma Libraries